L'HOMME DE CAYENNE more than a brand is a concept that offers a look that fills the lifestyle of modern, young, dynamic and enterprising spirit, who selects his wardrobe with a critical spirit. The Cayenne concept Creates harmony and movement of colors within their collections from selected materials produced in Portugal under strict quality control, from the simplest to the most sophisticated operation, to bring the best of two worlds to the end consumer: the best Quality at the best price. Our production concept uses specialized labor, giving preference to small uni-family businesses where "SEGREDOS" go from father to son and in this way we help protect employment in Portugal. The island of Cayenne was used as a French penal colony between 1854-1938, its most famous prisoner was Le Papillon, immortalized in the cinema by actor STEVE MAQUENN, a charismatic actor who was an icon of American cinema. In the same way, the CAYENNE brand intends to be a charismatic brand across all generations.